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September 2017


Derren Brown: International Man of Mystery by David Kaye
Chicago Magic Lounge Close-­Up Magic Reappears in the Windy City by Bill Weimer
Bob Lotz: Chicago Magician by Bryson Lang


Genii Speaks by Richard Kaufman
In Memoriam Celeste Evans by Dustin Stinett
Now Performing
The Eye
by Todd Karr
On the Slant by Jon Racherbaumer
Classic Correspondence Julius Zancig to Charles F. Oursler by Mike Caveney
Left-Handed by Jeff Prace
SIRIously Mental by Michael Pilkey
Dealing with It Uprising by John Bannon
Happiness is the Road Have Fun Storming The Castle by Hannibal
Making Magic Human Brain Vivisection by Martin Lewis
Master Class by Professor Richard Wiseman David Berglas on Mentalism, Part 1
Lodestones Overpaid Duo by Tom Stone
Magicana by John Guastaferro

  • Your Bill and Your Name by John Carey
  • Deja Vu Matches by Vitaly Shevtsov
  • Poker Lesson by Matt Baker

The Academy of Magical Arts in Genii

  • Knights at The Magic Castle by Daniel Ulin
  • Magic Castle Performance Schedule


Books Reviewed by John Lovick

  • The Doors of Deception by Paul Vigil
  • Conjuror at the Table by Al James
  • The Bammo Tarodiction Toolbox by Bob Farmer
  • Magic Castle: Beyond the Smoke and Mirrors by Carol Marie

Videos Reviewed by Nathan Coe Marsh

  • Headline Prediction by Banachek
  • Aura by Andi Gladwin
  • Uncapped by Michael Brewer
  • Banachek Live by Banachek

Tricks Reviewed by Danny Orleans

  • Everlasting Sponge Balls by Eric Leclerc
  • Mind Invasion by Morgan Strebler
  • Raw by Sebastien Calbry and Jordan Victoria
  • Marksman Deck by Luke Jermay
  • The Gentlemen Jack Gimmick by Alakazam Magic
  • Epic Writer by Magic World

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