• Unlimited playlists
  • Load any track from your iDevice
  • Play/Pause, fade out and auto pause at next track
  • Real-time clock
  • Countdown time with warning alert and sound
  • Indicator light buttons showing playback state
  • Large track title display
  • Works with remote control or manually
  • Plug into any sound system
  • Run your show with a device you carry in your pocket!

Built By Professionals For Professionals

Save Today

What’s the difference between this and other sound tech devices on the market? About $1500!! Why spend money on a complete system when you have everything you need ready to go on the iDevice you carry with you.

Rebuilt From the Inside Out

Show cues will not run lights, flash pots or make coffee, but if you’re looking for something super simple and 100% effective, Show Cues is the answer! Simply download the app, install on your device, purchase the remote and you’re all set!


ShowCues is the ultimate app for controlling your show from your iDevice. Multiple playlists, custom titles, fades, auto pause and more. Available in the App store for iOS only.



The Audio Ape remote is the ultimate remote for the ShowCues app. Built by a professional, with serious professionals in mind. Now you can control all your cues with utmost confidence. Distance? Not a problem. Reliable connection? Not a problem. The Audio Ape literally crushes the competition!



Designed with the casual performer in mind. The ShowCues remote is an RF remote with a 50-75 foot range. The remote has been custom programmed for the ShowCues app. The receiver is self powered and connects directly to your iDevice*



The perfect remote for entertainers looking for a reliable cost effective option. This remote features a rechargeable battery, and basic functions. It is not device dependent due to its bluetooth compatibility.

coming soon

*Please Note

The ShowCues remote requires a 30 pin to 9 pin “Lightning Adapter” for use on most current iDevices. The Lightning Adapter is available from Apple certified retailers including Wal Mart, Best Buy, Target and the Apple Store. Please contact us for more information

“So simple even I could use it” - Gregory Wilson

- Jeff Kaylor

“With every update, this system gets better and better. I can’t say enough positive things about how well this works now and the incredible customer service that comes along with the purchase. It is a dream to be able to run the audio during my show with something I already travel with. Thank you for making a great, useful product that is now exceeding my expectations! “

- Paul Romhany

“The ONLY App I need to run my entire show from. Perfect for ventriloquists, magicians, speakers – anybody who wants to run an entire show from an iPad or iPhone! By far THE BEST app on the market.”

Ready To Download The App?

Showcues App is available on the app store